February 05, 2018

Why do I need to invest in a minimal wardrobe? 

I hear you. Trust me — the older you grow, the more you'll realise that classic white tee you've owned for 15 years is your most trustworthy friend all along. 

Here are 5 reasons why we are shifting to a minimal wardrobe, and you should too!  

1. Fashion week ready. All day. Every day.

There's a reason why minimal fashioned bloggers gets all the love on Instagram. There's a reason why all the top designers are always seen in a black t-shirt. It's so effortless. 

Sarah Donalson, Harper & Harley

Sara Donaldson // Harper and Harley

Vanessa Hong // The Haute Persuit

Alexander Wang // Designer


2. A minimal wardrobe will save you loads of time in the morning! 

Ask yourself, how many times you got changed in the morning and you're like: "Mmm. Actually it might go better with that top"... and 4 changes later, you've done nothing else except get changed over and over again. And then you're rushing to put on your make-up, you ran out of time to eat your healthy breakfast and not to mention the precious 'morning glory sex' you could have enjoyed if you didn't get changed like 5 times. 

Let's be honest. We've all been there.

 Andy Heart

Image credit: AndyHeart.com


3. There's more room to rock those bold accessories. 

But is monotone boring? Nope. Actually you'll find the opposite. With a minimal wardrobe, you'll have so much more room to be playful with accessories and bags. Doesn't this look powerful? It's all about balance

Paris Fashion Week 

Image source: farlang.com


4. You can be that Superwoman who saves the world.

Not exaggerating. The overall driving force behind building a minimal wardrobe is slow fashion and conscious buying. Needs versus wants, Quality versus quantity. Fast fashion giants like Target, H&M, Forever21, Zara, and others won't like this because they want you to change your closet every season to make more money.  But it's an incredibly wasteful and harmful fashion philosophy.

Data shows that from the 193,000 tons of textiles tossed every year, only half is recycled!! That is ridiculous. Yes it is. So you'll be saving the world by buying less. 


Image source: everlane.com

5. 100 ways to wear your minimal items on your travel. 

You'll never need to spend a full day planing what to pack again! Because everything matches everything. Just add some accessories and red lipstick.

Sea of shoes


Image source: seaofshoes.com

So go through your closet, get rid of anything you haven't worn in the past 2 years, and sell it 2nd hand or donate to thrift/charity shops.

Next time I'll talk about what are the basic principles when putting together a minimal closet. Chat soon.

Jac x 

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