April 22, 2016

Today the world woke up to the shocking news that music legend Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson), has passed at the age of 57. All of us have been left stunned crying tears in the Purple Rain. Suddenly, the world flooded online to remember the legacy of the one and only Prince. 

Prince was a huge inspiration to those who grow up with his art, music and, of course, eclectic, boundary-busting fashion styles over the four decades of his incredible career.

Picking 11 fashion styles was not an easy task with this truly visionary star, from high-neck ruffle shirts, metallic purple suits, always perfect curls, three-eyed glasses, countless crop-tops, to the OMG bright-yellow jumpsuit on stage at 1991 VMAs. Please enjoy our handpicked gallery below with some of Prince's finest musical moments  playing at the background. (Have a box of Kleenex ready just in case)

1. Prince in jungle-inspired suit + iconic 3 eyed glasses @ Music awards in LA 2015.

Prince speaks onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Nov. 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, Califonia

Photo source: Jeff Kravitz

2. Prince and Rihanna attended the Chanel Pret a Porter show in Paris Womenswear Fashion Week at the Grand Palais. 

Prince and Rihanna attended Chanel Pret a Porter show in Paris Womenswear Fashion Week at the Grand Palais.

Photo source: Media outrage

3. Prince struts blue leather and beaded braids @ 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

In blue leather and beaded braids, Prince hits the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards at Metropolitan Opera House in New York in September 1999.

Photo source: Vogue

4. Sparkly sequin suit and some sick guitar — Prince was ultimate tease on stage @ 1985 Around the World in a Day tour.

Photo source: Frank Micelotta/Getty Image

5. White lace two-piece, of course! @ California's Fabulous Forum 1985.

Prince sported a white lace two-piece outfit while letting loose in performance at California's Fabulous Forum on Feb. 19, 1985.

Photo source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Image

6. No other man will ever pull off a crop top like Prince @ 1986 Wembley. 

1986 A costume change at that same 1986 Wembley performance revealed that it was only a matter of time before Prince showed some more skin. Here he wore the black variant of the sleeveless torso-baring shirt and matching button-lined pants that we'd seen before.

Photo source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Image

7. Hell yes for Prince's gold / bright yellow, fitted suit with, of course, purple buttons @ 1992 London.

Photo source: Davie Benett/Getty Image

8. Prince's ever-so sophisticated low v-neck fringed white shirt, styled with a gold cane @ 1994 London.

Prince In a low-dropping V-neck white shirt and matching pants, Prince and his cane stroll into a VH1 performance on Sept. 3, 1994 in London.

Photo source: Davie Benett/Getty Image

9. Another glasses revolution moment, Prince attempting a quiet opening act @ 2004 Essence Music Festival.

Prince With a rugged goatee, a red and black sleeved flowing outfit, asymmetrical '80s shades and his trusty guitar, a permed Prince plays on July 2, 2004 at Essence Music Festival. Apparently, both the hair and the facial hair were a disguise. He was attempting to be a quiet opening act.

Photo source: Davie Benett/Getty Image

10. One of my personal favourites — Prince in "The God" of music all white hooded suit @ 2005 People's Choice Awards.

Sporting a mustache and a soul patch, a hooded Prince goes all-white at the People's Choice Awards at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on January 9, 2005.

Photo source: Frank Micelotta/Getty Image

Last, but not the least:

11. The only purple suit that ever matters in the history of the world — Prince in purple performing Purple Rain

Video source: Casusa Ribeiro

You don't want to miss this one.. Prince's EPIC guitar solo.

(skip to 3:26)

Speechless. Prince. Forever. 

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