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The Golden Globes: The Verdict is In

The Golden Globes: What's in and What's Out

There have been so many contradicting opinions on how the Golden Globes Awards went last week. But whether, it's been perfect, or not so for you, it will always be one of the hottest events of the year, so we just can't make ourselves not write about it!

Here are a few ins and outs from the last Golden Globes. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

1. Let's get musical with La La Land

La La Land, with the beautiful Gosling and Stone, broke a new record, bragging 7 major nominations and 6 awards at the Globes this year. A story of 2 star-crossed lovers trying to make it to the industry of their dreams. Don't we relate to that story one way or another? For us here at the TRH HQ, we are definitely loving the movie plot and the setting. Music, dreams, passion - all rolled into one. Definitely an in!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


2. The Red Carpet

Of course, a glamorous event will always have a great red carpet moment right? Here are a few of our red carpet favorites. Notice any pattern? The Silver/Metallic Trend is coming!


Ruth Negga in Louis Vuitton


Naomie Harris in Armani Privé


Nicole Kidman in Mcqueen
 See more at here.


3. Diversity won - Finally!


Source: LA Times

Ellis Ross, who won Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series, is just one of the highlights of the awards night. Ross is the first black woman to win for actress in a comedy series since Debbie Allen in 1983. This year's Globes showed us that diversity has a huge role in the arts industry, the American culture, and the US as a nation, and that we need to stay united in celebrating all these amazing talents and efforts. Check here to find out all the diversity wins of the year.


And speaking of unity...


4. Streep's Winning Speech - why some people are against it

This is really something out for us. Meryl, that evening, was an inspiration, standing up for what she believes in and using her moment to influence people to unite against what can possibly divide the people in her countryland. Meryl won the lifetime Cecil B. DeMille award for her notable acting work throughout so many years. Her versatility and high-class acting really deserved it. Doesn't she have the right to use her gratitude moment to stand up for something worth while?

Got something to say about our Golden Globes highlights? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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