March 26, 2017

The It Girl’s Effortless Monochrome Lookbook

With the rise of monochromatic looks and co-ord outfits, it could be difficult for a woman to differentiate cliche and chic. However, when this look is pulled off it could be a classic everyday look for a millennium woman’s lifestyle. Fortunately, The Rushing Hour features these style gurus to help us define what it means to enter vogue in comfort, edge, and Monochrome.


Gigi Hadid

Photos on Pinterest

When it comes to fashion, Gigi is not only a model working in the industry but a woman of style. On the runway, the goddess floats on embellished couture and fierce RTWs. On the streets, she is still a radiant goddess but in sleeker and simpler clothes. Most of her wardrobe choices have been in monochrome with a touch of her intricacy. Her monochromatic look consists of toned white, black, and gray. Although she remains neutral, her clothing and choices of accessories always add detail and glaze to the whole outfit. She uses urban eyewear, statement shoes, and bags to complete her look. Her casual yet chic wardrobe exudes the essence of a millennium woman.


Kendall Jenner

Photos on Pinterest

Once a cute little Kardashian sister in girl-next-door dresses, now an internationally-known model in six-inch heels. Kendall grew up living in front of the camera and she definitely dressed up for it every day. Her choices in making an effortless monochromatic look play with more colour, texture, and formality. While Gigi uses one Pantone of each colour, Kendall uses shades of white, black, and grey to entertain the eye. Some of her clothing have detailed texture and contrasting fabrics to really show off the layers. The pants, eyewear, and alluring heels complete to glamorous look. If you’re looking for an outfit to escape the repetition of neutrals, Kendall is the way to go.

Aimee Song

Photos on SongOfStyle

The petite fashion and lifestyle blogger is usually known as Song of Style. In one of her most recent posts, Aimee does monochrome her own way. She uses palettes of white and black instead of shades of the same colour. Her tops and bottoms’ wide shape give each outfit a powerful edge. Her accessories pop with colour from the outfit. With the freedom her monochromatic look allows, this outfit gives women the fun and liberty they deserve.


Kim Cam Jones

Photos on Miss Jones

Miss Jones is titled as South East Asia’s biggest fashion blogger in 2016. She has signed with big names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Net-A-Porter, and more. From her photos and blog articles, this woman is driven by fashion, illuminated by art, and upheld by feminism. In her outfits, she empowers women to look and feel beautiful. Her black monochromatic look is extravagant and classic. She plays with different fabrics and uses big details for the eyes to notice. The wardrobe embodies luxury and effortlessness,- the kind of sophisticated clothing a millennium woman deserves. 


Not only do these women guide us with their monochrome clothing choices, they also guide us on what it means to be comfortable in our own look. That’s what The Rushing Hour and the monochrome look are about: ease and effortlessness combined with style.




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