November 21, 2016

Now that US election fever has begun to die down (or not), it’s time to reflect on who is probably the most epic First Lady in history: Michelle Obama. So what did we learn from her interview in US Vogue?

She saw the role of First Lady as one of “great freedom”:

The best part? She embraced this freedom and helped many girls find theirs. In 2015, Michelle launched Let Girls Learn, which brings together several organisations to address the challenges preventing girls from following their dreams. Let Girls Learn both improves existing programs and invests in new ones to grow educational opportunities for girls, even in areas affected by war and disaster.


Image Source: Ricci Coughlan/DFID

Her first priority? Empowering her own daughters…

When the Obamas moved into the White House, Michelle’s top priority was her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, preferring to call herself “Mom in Chief” over First Lady. She has even coached Sasha’s basketball team – being the First Lady never stopped her from being the best mum.

…To share her determination

Michelle Obama doesn’t take “no” for an answer; she never has (and neither should we). After being told that going to Princeton was “too much”, her determination only increased, and not only did she reach her goal, but she also later went to Harvard law school.

Image Source: Pete Souza

Healthy eating is the way to go!

It’s not just kids who Obama encourages to eat healthy. She has protected her White House garden by raising 2.5 million USD and arranging for the National Park Service to care for it when she leaves, ensuring that no future guest will be without fresh herbs. The produce from her garden has even been eaten at state dinners! True to her ways, she hadn’t heard of the US lolly Red Vines, surprising Ellen DeGeneres.

Best boss ever!

Not the type to treat her employees like mere underlings, Obama does Soul Cycle with members of the White House staff once a week. Both Obama and her staff are sad to see her husband’s administration end, with one speech ending in the whole team crying. Unfortunately, she won’t be running for president in 2020, but that will give her time to focus on other things (like empowering girls!)

Image Source: Pete Souza

Is it cute?

You’re probably wondering, how does Michelle Obama choose her fashion designers? They have to be good people, who treat both their own and her staff well. But she also says, “When all else is equal…is it cute?” Well, we think her style is awesome. She has never been afraid to stand out, from bright colours and prints to bold statement pieces and flowing ball gowns. On the other hand, designer Sophie Theallet, who has dressed Michelle Obama, issued an official statement saying she will not work with Mrs Trump. As an immigrant herself, who strives for individual freedom, diversity and respect, she will not stand for the sexist, racist and xenophobic rhetoric spread by the Trump presidential campaign.

Anyway, Michelle Obama, may your next eight years be as epic as your last. 

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