We want to create positive change with minimal impact to the world

Versatility is the name of the game

Feel good all around

We want to break the idea of gender separatism.

With every item sold, in collaboration with One Girl — we will sponsor a girl’s education costs for one month. When we help to educate a girl, it’s one step towards ending poverty. We want to thank you sincerely in advance for reading this, telling your friends, or making a purchase to make a difference. Social goodness is contagious. Let’s spread it everywhere.

We've made sourcing sustainable fabric our mission. Our fabric selection include recycled fabric, designer left over rolls, organic cotton and linen. 

And!... Every item is also labelled with an inspirational quote from female game changers across history, just to remind you that you have changed someone’s life, and that makes you feel good all around.

We're cutting the BS